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8 Questions About Creatine Answered | Jose Antonio, Ph.D.

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Creatine monohydrate has been earning fans in the gym, and in the lab, for 25 years. But there’s still plenty of confusion about the best way to take it. How much? When? Is it safe?
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Are you a non-responder? Get answers from a Ph.D. researcher who has studied creatine himself!

| 8 Questions About Creatine Answered |
1. What is Creatine? (0:15)
2. How Do I Does Creatine? (0:30)
3. What does creatine do to lean body mass? (0:51)
4. Does creatine promote gains in fat mass? (1:20)
5. How does creatine affect children & Elderly (01:32)
6. Hoe does creatine affect vegetarians & vegans? (2:39)
7. How does creatine affect brain function? (3:07)
8. Who best responds to creatine? (3:24)

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Just a few years ago, creatine was something that was talked about like it was a