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7 Amazing Benefits Of Collagen

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Today I want to talk about one of my favorite sources of protein and anti-stress amino acids. It’s super easy to absorb and add to meals. It’s called Collagen. https://umzu.com/pages/total-collagen

You can typically find collagen in supplemental form as well as from animal products like bone broth.

First benefit of collagen is that consuming collagen will help with your skin and hair. As we get older, our collagen levels decline so that’s why you see lots of signs of aging as collagen becomes deficient. Collagen has also been found to help lower cellulite and promote skin elasticity.

Second benefit is that collagen helps joint pain. It is like the glue that holds things together so when you’re collagen deficient you start to have joint pain.

Third, collagen helps with your gut. If you have IBS, Chron’s, leaky gut etc try using collagen since it helps maintain the structure of your gut lining.

Fourth, you’re going to see an increase in muscle gain and maintaining strength with collagen. Collagen contains arginine as well, which is very important for boosting the body’s ability to build proteins and tissue.

Fifth, it helps common things like your hair, nails, and teeth. They’ve found that there is a hair follicle regeneration with collagen.

Sixth collagen is good for the liver. It helps regenerate cells in the liver. Especially if you do something like a bone broth fast where you rest digestion but give lots of nutrients.

Seventh collagen benefits blood flow.

At UMZU we have a hydrolyzed collagen protein. https://umzu.com/pages/total-collagen

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